Hair Grass Hair Revitalizing Systems:

A comprehensive guide to Revitalizing Aging & Thinning Hair

Hair Grass Hair Loss Solutions wants to partner with you! We are looking to build professional partnerships with Licensed Dermatologists, Cosmetologists, Master Barbers, Certified Hair loss Practitioners, Trichologists and Experienced Sales Consultants.



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Why Choose Us?

  • Because we bridge the gap between Traditional Salons & Dermatology!

  • Our product knowledge and Hair Loss 101 course is given at a very affordable rate. With the completion of the course, you will be able to purchase all the products and FDA approved lasers at a wholesale rate, educate your clients on how to combat hair loss internally, externally, and provide and offer nutritional guidance.
  • You will be a certified Hair Grass Professional equipped with the knowledge to identify, address, combat & prevent the most challenging hair and scalp concerns.

  • Annually during the holiday season there will be a drawing inclusive of all of our top Hair Grass partners. One partner will receive a 50% sponsorship to further their education in Trichology, with one of our affiliates and top Trichology organizations.

Main Benefits of Hair Grass Revitalizing Systems

Hair Grass Hair Revitalizing Systems promotes a healthier scalp environment, fuller, thicker healthy-looking hair.

Hair Grass Hair Revitalizing Systems combines the most effective, gentle ingredients, in custom developed formulas, to work synergistically for maximum effectiveness.

Proven to be safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities and all types of hair.

Vera Walker -

07 Feb 2022

I am so happy with the progress I’ve made in the pass 10 weeks. The revitalization program I am on was made for me. Itching in

crown of my head has stopped, Copious amount of hair loss has stopped, & my hair is getting thicker. I am truly grateful and really happy.

Antoinette Brown -

09 Jan 2022

Always an amazing service and my hair Loss and shedding is getting better. Thank you STARR🙏🏾💯👍🏽

Elaine Daly, MSW -

08 Jan 2021

I love the way the products can be felt stimulating my scalp. My scalp is less itchy and my hair is softer. Impatiently awaiting my hair to grow in after my cut.

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About Us

Hair Grass Hair Loss Solutions pride ourselves on finding and matching specific ingredients and products to combat the most challenging and common cause of Alopecia, hair and scalp concerns internally and externally. We produce clinically proven hair revitalizing systems for aging and thinning hair that have both chemical and Natural options, FDA approved Lasers, Natural hair care products such as our essential hair food oil, custom and stock ready to ship medical grade Cranial Prosthesis Systems for men and women.

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